Rick Hall Law Firm LLC

Rick Hall is a renowned South Carolina law firm and trial attorney at law. The Rick Hall Law Firm, LLC can provide high-quality legal services from it’s firm office in Lexington, SOUTH CAROLINA. We tend to represent clients in the metropolitan community of Columbia, within the state of South Carolina, and additionally legal courts across the United states of america.

Our firm retains an effective focus on plaintiff’s personal injury laws together with other different kinds of civil litigation such as:

Accident Attorney
Personal Injury Lawyer
Medical Malpractice Attorney
Trucking litigation
Product Liability attorney
Workers Compensation lawyer

All the attorneys and employees of the company all present a commitment to the pursuit of justice for our clients. We all have great self-importance in assisting accident victims and others who have had their own legal rights trampled upon in getting pay out for his or her injuries.

An Accident Attorney and Personal Injury Lawyer in South Carolina that holds large organizations & insurance firms liable

This practice centers mostly on driving claims against large corporations and insurance firms because of their accountability associated with accidents, wrongful deaths, and also injuries.

We’re definitely not intimidated by the larger adversary. More than 25 years of experience has provided us the confidence and also legal skills required to help our customers obtain settlement with regard to their damages or injuries.

Experienced trial attorneys in personal, accident, medical malpractice, trucking litigation,product liability and workers compensation.

Our company consists of skilled and experienced trial attorneys.  Mr Rick Hall, offers over 25 years of trial litigation experience.  While a good many cases might be compensated out of the courtroom, a number of cases will need us to go court to receive justice. We really don’t want our clients to settle needlessly for significantly less damages than they are entitled to.

Trust in our own effectiveness as well as experience to get the compensation you actually are entitled to for your injuries and damages.

Simply because justice is important

We practice law and excel especially in South Carolina in the fields of personal injury, accident, medical malpractice, trucking litigation,product liability and also workers compensation. For the reason that we have faith in the American justice system.  Our own aim is to take care of your legal rights.  If you think maybe your rights have been completely trampled on, or possibly you have already been victimized through the negelect of others, we’re willing to fight for you personally and additionally go to courts when needed.  We stand up to fight those injustices for each and every client that walks through our doors.

Plaintiff’s personal injury law

The Rick Hall Law Firm, LLC devotes a substantial section of its legal practice to plaintiff’s personal injury representation. The organization has a exceptional devotion towards helping accident and negligence victims with their pursuit of justice.

Our own niche Attorney practice aspects and regions are usually:

accident attorney, south carolina
personal injury lawyer, south carolina
south carolina, medical malpractice attorney
trucking litigation in south Carolina
south carolina product liability attorney
south carolina workers compensation lawyer

A historical legal remedy

Personal injury law is noticeably more than a bombastic advertising campaign on a billboard or perhaps bus. This technique of laws and regulations has been around ever since ancient times and it has become governed by the human end goal to eradicate the sort of careless wrongdoings which threaten the basis of any steady modern society.

Personal injury law allows for those who have ended up seriously injured, lost loved ones, or possibly had their property damaged a 100 % legal option to collect compensation for those damages.

Our company fully realizes that monetary compensation are unable to replace anything you have lost, however , we honestly do know it may help make everyday life easier to deal with.

Bringing your claim to court

Our business always evaluates every claim on an individual basis, however we are not a settlement mill. Often, taking a case to court is the only strategy our own clients are able to get acceptable compensation.

We’re in no way scared in relation to trial litigation. We take on the largest fish in the pond together with aggressive debate in addition to precise methodology. Our end goal is always to give protection to the actual rights of clients by:

Preserving their legal rights during all of the legal proceedings
Presenting their claim to the court
Ensuring compelling evidence supports their claim
Using specialist witnesses when ever required
Reasoning and arguing for your comprehensive settlement
Providing cost-effective and high-quality legal services

At The Rick Hall Law Firm, LLC, our end goal is to assert your legal rights and safeguard you from any further injustices which come when responsible persons commonly are not held accountable for their actions.

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